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Beautifully designed, functional and versatile: the design lines from burgbad

Upbeat, charming, subtle, flexible, gentle, sensuous, calm, clear, straightforward, graceful, light, fuss-free ... there are so many different words that express how the design lines from burgbad unite form and function.
And for all those who find it hard to make their minds up given our wide range of design lines: official design awards aren’t the only reason to fall in love with a series from the sys20 collection. But then again, why keep quiet about them?
Coco (2017) and Mya (2019), for instance, have both been honoured with the German Design Award.

Badmöbel Bel burgbad

Bel – Subtle and flexible. Bel is an all-rounder. With its multitude of furniture components, washbasin materials and furniture finishes, this bathroom line can make almost any wish come true.

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Cona 2.0 – clever and practical. Some bathroom floor plans mean you have to think one step ahead – even If you find yourself in a tight corner. Cona 2.0 is the common denominator between functionality, convenience and good looks.

burgbad grohe cube uebersicht

Cube – striking and straightforward. The bathroom furniture in the Cube line picks up on the design language of the GROHE ceramics to complete an ensemble that’s guaranteed to attract attention without looking ostentatious.

burgbad grohe essence uebersicht

Essence – puristic and harmonious. An attractive bathroom can help its users relax and unwind. Especially when the bathroom furniture, ceramics and fittings add up to such a harmonious whole as the products from the Essence collection.

burgbad serie flex uebersicht

Flex – modular and variable. The name of the product line says it all: because it’s based on the principles of universal design, the bathroom furniture is flexible enough to adapt to any life situation. Winner of the German Design Award 2018.

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Lin20 – authentic and balanced. Bathroom furniture in a timeless design that also marks new trends, such as combining cabinets and base units into a row of modern bathroom furnishings. Or the city bathroom: a washbasin area that provides maximum storage in the smallest of spaces.

burgbad badmoebel sys20 mya

Mya – natural and authentic. Less is more: Mya. Back to the roots. To simplicity and clarity. To an open and warm-hearted design language. Winner of the German Design Award 2019.

rc40 Solitaire burgbad

rc40 Solitaire – refined and elegant. This design collection is an excerpt from the rc40 space concept. Bathroom furnishings with an elegant handle and fitting modules that stand alone and represent a particular lightness of being and design in the bathroom.

burgbad badmoebel sys20 sinea

Sinea 2.0 – dynamic curves and a wide range of variants. Sinea 2.0 is a consistent evolution of Sinea 1.0. The carcasses of the furniture are noticeably more slender and the basic wave motif has been extended with a counterwave.

burgbad badmoebel sys20 yumo

Yumo – snug and soothing. Transparent smoked glass elements, combined with wood finishes, in a choice of dark shades or white. Yumo creates a mellow, relaxing atmosphere – no matter how big or small your bathroom is.