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Sensitivity and variety in form and function

Subtle and strikingly elegant at the same time. The chrome-plated metal strips that edge the Yso cabinets, vanity units and shelves are more than just decoration and a style-defining element; they also perform a practical function, for instance by doubling as a towel rail where they extend beyond the side of the cabinets. 

Round, angular or a combination of the two – the ceramic washbasins and vanity cabinets from the Yso line can be custom-sized to fit virtually any space. The design is the work of Bielefeld-based firm nexus product design.

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burgbad yso designbad
burgbad yso waschtisch unterschrank spiegelschrank

A delicate interplay of shape and colour. Angular meets round. Lacquer meets wood. Yso loves contrasts and is the essence of versatility. At the same time, the lightness of its design is nothing short of striking – thanks partly to the slender side panels and doors of the furniture, and partly to the delicate thinness and elegance of the ceramic washbasins.

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Versatile, original, functional. Ceramic washbasins that can be custom-sized, a wide choice of top-quality and combinable finishes, its own line of accessories and matching furniture that combines plenty of storage space with additional functions, for instance a room divider or mirror cabinets that provide atmospheric lighting. All of this makes Yso a design line that can respond to all sorts of different requirements.